Medford Guitar Lessons

Want to Learn Guitar?

My name is David Bermingham and I earned a Bachelor's of Music from Temple University in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar Performance in 1990. I currently lead M-Town, an 11-piece band   that plays classic tunes and original  compositions. I write and arrange all the music for
M-Town, which performs regularly in South Jersey and surrounding areas.

A Brief Introductory Video

I have taught guitar privately since 1990 and I am glad to be able to offer guitar lessons in my Medford studio at 8 Lexington Drive for BEGINNER through ADVANCED students in ALL styles including rock, pop, jazz, blues and more.

Here is some advanced chord melody playing...

Night and Day - Chord Melody Sty

The internet is a wealth of knowledge and the applications and educational material available at your finger tips from your smart phone is just incredible. Never before has such a wealth of information been available to help you learn ANYTHING from how to fix a car to how to play guitar.

A little country guitar pickin for ya!

Intro to Chicken Fried by the Zac Brown Band

My lessons focus on what is missing from the material available online; I can see SEE what you are doing wrong and I can SHOW you the right way to do it. My lessons focus on the following:

- No matter whether you are playing jazz, classical or rock and roll you will need to be able to play efficiently and with proper technique. I will make sure you are playing with proper left hand and right hand technique using both a pick and finger picking style.

MUSICIANSHIP - I believe many guitar player don't take the time to learn to read or write music. Many times they are shown a few chords, a few songs and a few riffs to some classic rock tunes and nothing else. I think it is important for ALL musicians to learn how to read music, understand music theory and learn how to communicate with other musicians so they aren't stuck in a rut and are comfortable playing in any circumstance
. Ear training is also a skill that we will work on. As you progress you should be able to hear a song or melody and in time be able to figure out how to play it just by listening to it a few times.

- The internet and smart phones are an invaluable educational resource. As we progress though our lessons I will introduce tools, websites and applications that you can leverage to help you learn faster and enjoy playing more. I encourage you to record and/or video our lessons or specific parts of our lessons to help you as you practice at home.

- With the exercises you will master, you will be able to play any song you like. I will pick out songs that emphasis the technique, chords, etc. that we are currently working on, but we will also be sure to work towards playing  songs the YOU want to learn.

Dave Bermingham

Guitar Teacher, Bachelor's of Music in Contemporary and Jazz Guitar Performance, Temple University, '90